1. Connect to Power
Simply connect the power adaptor to your AC power source and the device.
2. Select Your Brushes


InnoBrush is designed to handle different kinds of hair and coat of pet. The selection and use of brush is important to achieve the best grooming result.

The selection of brushes will depend on the hair condition of the pet and the grooming application. Please refer to the Brush Selection Guide. 

3. Change Your Brushes

The InnoBrush comes with the metal pin brush mounted inside the device. To change the brush, first remove the brush cover from the device. Press the two color latch locks to unlock the brush cover. Take out the brush and replace it with any the other 3 brushes. Make sure the brush fit well onto the driving gear. Replace the cover, press the color latches to lock and close compartment tightly.

4. Connect to Vacuum

For grooming pets with long hair, double coat or single coat using a metal pin brush, there will be lots of loose and dead hair. You may want to connect InnoBrush to your vacuum source for instant removal and prevent clogging of hair on the pins of the brush. 

When using a nylon pin, bristle hair or rubber brush for medium to short hair pets, you may not need to use a vacuum cleaner.

Removing the loose hair from the device does not require a very high suction power or air flow. Medium and low setting are normally sufficient for vacuum source with adjustable suction/airflow.

5. Power On and Start Brushing

You can start brushing your pet by simply turning on the rotary switch on top of the device. The brushing speed can be adjusted by sliding the switch back and forth.