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User Guide

InnoSonic comes with 3 professional dental tools
Metal Probe - This is ideal to remove plaque build up in between teeth and the
hard to reach places in your pets' mouth. The metal probe is also the best tool to
remove stubborn and smaller tartar deposits.
Metal Scalar - This tool is ideal for removing plaque build up on the surface or
the outer side of the teeth. The larger scalar is effective at removing larger build ups.
Plastic Brush - The silicon brush head is durable and best used for regular
dental hygiene maintenance for your pet.

Recommended Best Practices

- Use the Metal Probe or the Metal Scalar to remove plaque or tar tar build up
once a month to once every three months. (Depending on your pets' diet and
dental needs)
- Use the Plastic Brush once or twice a week to maintain your pets' dental health.
- Wear gloves
- Have your dog acquainted with the sonic device
- Be patient, sooth and comfort your dog